books by cedric the "edu-tainer"

C L Threatt’s 20th book is one for the ages. This book couldn’t be more timely as it addresses current events to teach understanding and reconciliation. Find out what happens when the friendship of two young boys is tested after a classroom discussion. (4-8) Click on the image to order.



Join Ulysses Parker (UP) and Adam Calloway as they help their friend and teammate, Barry "Big Pants" Mitchell, lose weight before the big game while teaching him the importance of good health and nutrition at the same time. (K-5) Click on photo to order
Black Like Me is a book that teaches young children that they don't have to look to celebrities as their role models. Some of them can be found in their own community or maybe even in their own home. (K-5) Click photo to order
Kids love superheroes and all superheroes have one thing in common. They all have something that they use, eat or wear that gives them more confidence. The Bully Proof Vest is something every child can take with them (real or imaginary) and wear at all times to help them feel more confident when confronted by a bully. (K-5) Click on photo to order
Different, But the Same is a picture book for children that deals with the subject of diversity by letting young children know how we're all different, but that God still loves us all the same. (K-2) Click photo to order
TJ doesn't like to read until he discovers a secret that helps him realize just how important reading really is. (K-5) Click photo to order
A Journey Through the States with Harlo & Nate is a picture book for children that combines knowledge and fun in order to teach your kids the 50 states through rhyming. (K-5) Click photo to order
Billy is the bully of his school until he meets Connie Confidence and she teaches him that it's not nice to be one. (K-5) Click photo to order
The seven years of wonder (ages 13-19), or the teen years as their called, can be the most challeng in life. Here are 12 lessons that will help you make the best decisions possible. (6-12) Click photo to order
Jack is a young fisherman who meets a band of pirates who ask for his help finding a treasure. The only problem is, they can't read a map. Jack explains to them how they can find the greatest treasure of all. (K-5) Click photo to order
You may have heard the classic poem, "The Night Before Christmas," but you've never heard it like this. Author and poet C.L. Threatt, has taken this and made it a classic of his own. Follow three shepherds as they give their rendition of what happened on that fateful night. (K-5) Click photo to order
Investing in the stock market is something that not only a lot of kids, but many adults are not aware of. In this fun to read story, join Sylvester as he explains the basics of it to his father. (4-12) Click photo to order
So you wanna write a book. How will you do it? Do you know the ins and outs of the publishing business? It can be difficult to a lot of first time and even experinced authors. This book will help answer some of the questions and ease concerns regarding publishing a book. Click photo to order
What is success? How do you achieve it? What is the secret to it? Is it attainable or is it just a pipe dream? In the pages of this book, you will find the keys to help you access, open the door to and achieve the life you've always dreamed of. Click photo to order
This book answers the same questions of how to achieve success as the previous version, only with added scriptural references. Click on photo to order
November 9th, 2009 was a day that changed C.L. Threatt's life forever. After working for a company for 19 years, he was told that his services were no longer needed. Devastated and confused, he didn't know what he would do. But, he knew what he wouldn't do. He would not allow this situation determine his destiny. In this book he shares his story along with the story of others, to help inspire people who are unemployed as well as those who are employed by showing them how they too can turn every setback into a comeback. Click photo to order