Bully Prevention

The bullying epidemic is one that has plagued our society for decades. Studies have shown that over 13 million students are bullied per year and that 160,000 stay home every day because of it. Studies have also shown that students who are bullied are 9 times more likely to commit suicide. These numbers are staggering and Cedric Threatt wants to do something about them. In addition to teaching his “No Bully Pledge,” in this presentation he wants to help teachers and students learn:

  • How to recognize what is and isn’t bullying
  • The long term effects of┬ábullying
  • How to turn an insult into a compliment
  • The difference between a snitch and a tattle tale
  • How to change school climate

Contact Cedric to speak to your students today at (205) 213-8472 or CL3tt@windstream.net