For Teens

The seven years of wonder (ages 13-19), or the teen years as their called, can be the most challenging years of life. It’s a time of curiosity, self-awareness and self-discovery. You’re at a crossroad. You’re stuck in the middle. You’re too old to be called a little kid yet too young to be called an adult. As a teen you will have a lot of decisions to make. Some of these decisions you’ll make on your own and some you may need a little help with. The decisions you make today will determine your level of success tomorrow. These decisions will probably be based on experiences you’ve had or lessons you’ve learned. That’s why author, poet and public speaker, C.L. Threatt coined the phrase “Add-a-Lessons.” He calls them this because he says that in life you will learn a lot of lessons but he has “added” some that he feels will help you make the best decisions possible. Having raised four teens of his own (and obviously having been one himself), Mr. Threatt is well equipped to help you avoid some of the pitfalls that keep a lot of young people from reaching their full potential. The advice he shares in this book will help any teen navigate the difficult and sometimes confusing road to adulthood.