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You may have heard the classic poem, The Night Before Christmas, but I’ll bet you’ve never heard it like this. C. L. Threatt has taken this poem and turned it into a classic of his own. Based on Luke 2:1-20, you will follow three shepherds on their journey and hear their rendition of what transpired on that fateful night.

The Real Christmas Story


Jack and the Pirate Princess_Brown

C L Threatt’s latest children’s book is one the whole family will enjoy. Jack is a young fisherman who meets a band of pirates who want him to help them find a treasure. The only problem is, the pirates don’t know how to read a map. Not only that, they don’t know how to read at all. Jack explains to the pirates that learning to read is the greatest treasure and when you’re reading a book, you’re holding a treasure in your hands.

Jack and the Pirate Princess


Different, But the Same

Different, But the Same, is a book on diversity that shows young children how we’re all different, but God loves us the same. This easy reader for K-2nd Graders, is printed in vibrant color on glossy pages.



A Journey Through the States with Harlo & Nate

Harlo is a hamster from New Hampshire who travels through the states with his friend, a little boy named Nate. This is a fun and exciting book that teaches children how to learn the 50 states through rhyming. Each page also includes the capitol of each state, the year it was established, as well as the number it was when it joined the Union. Some of the pages even include state birds, state flowers and national landmarks.



T.J.’s Big Discovery

This book addresses childhood and adult illiteracy. T J is a 5th grade student who struggles with reading and wants to be a C K (Cool Kid) until he discovers a hidden family secret.



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